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Ballistic helmets

What is a ballistic helmet?

Ballistic helmets, also called bulletproof helmets or tactical helmets, were primarily designed to protect the wearer's head, whether against bullets, blunt impacts or even shrapnel.
Helmets are one of the oldest weapons of defense that have been created (23rd century BC, when helmets were worn in combat). Numerous innovations have made it possible to evolve the classic protective helmet towards a bulletproof helmet, which is one of the essential pieces of protective equipment, and which can be found among law enforcement agencies, the army and even among certain civilians, all over the world.

What are ballistic helmets made of?

Whether from bowl-shaped steel shells to safety helmet-type liners, the ballistic helmets or bulletproof helmets that we know today have evolved into materials very different from what we found previously. several decades ago.

At first glance, it may be complicated for you to make a choice as the variety of materials is great, especially if this is the first time you plan to invest in a ballistic helmet. However, you must absolutely base your choice on the effectiveness and safety provided by the helmet.

It was in 1960 that DuPont developed aramid, which is a heat-resistant synthetic fiber that does not melt or ignite when exposed to normal oxygen levels. Aramid was later marketed as "Kevlar" which as we all know today is very easily associated with "bulletproof material".

Kevlar ® resists heat, has very high tensile strength, and is a particularly light material. What can be said about Kevlar is that it revolutionized the design and production of body armor and tactical helmets around the world.

Nowadays, the vast majority of bulletproof vest manufacturers have incorporated different materials in order to improve the quality of bulletproofing and then the comfort of a ballistic helmet, such as very high molar mass polyethylene. (UHMWPE), commonly known as Dyneema or Spectra, which is a lightweight, high strength fiber.

This polyethylene offers high bullet resistance capacity and is combined with other materials to achieve the desired performance. Twaron, which was first used commercially in 1986, is another strong synthetic fiber from the Aramid family developed by Teijin.

What are the different types of ballistic helmets?

The Future Assault Shell Technology ( FAST/High Cut/ATE ) helmet, the Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops ( PASGT ) helmet and the Modular Integrated Communications ( MICH ) helmet are the main types of ballistic helmets found on the market Currently.

The oldest model of tactical helmet is the PASGT, which was used by the US Army from 1983 until the mid-2000s. Its predecessor, the MICH helmet, was a much lighter and more comfortable bulletproof helmet. Rails have also been added to fit accessories, such as mounts for night vision goggles, without the need to further drill into the helmet.

Our FAST helmet , whose most obvious feature is the high cut on the sides, has been specially designed to allow additional elements such as communication audio headsets to be added, which can be attached with rail adapters.

Each type of bulletproof helmet has its own history, its own ballistic protection function and its own design. They typically have an NIJ Level IIIA armor protection rating, which has been tested against most handgun bullets like the .44 mag SJHP and the .357 SIG FMJ FN.

Ballistic helmet/tactical helmet: why is it worth it?

Wearing a ballistic helmet will allow you to enjoy two of the best features that can be found in any body armor. In addition to providing ballistic protection, thanks to its NIJ Level IIIA classification , whether from blunt impact injuries or debris fragments. A ballistic helmet can also serve as a mount for additional equipment.

Many modern ballistic helmets, especially those used by law enforcement and the military, must be able to accommodate communications equipment as well as various accessories, such as an NVG (night vision goggle) shroud. .

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