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NIJ 3A Bulletproof Vests

NIJ 3A Bulletproof Vests

NIJ Level IIIA body armor provides optimal protection and is specifically designed to stop .357 Sig FMJ FN (Flat Nose) bullets, traveling at a speed of ~1470 ft/s, as well as . 44 Magnum SJHP (Semi Jacketed Hollow Point) at a speed of 1430 ft/s.

If you add other protective panels, your protection will be maximum. In general, NIJ 3A bulletproof vests are rather flexible, in order to offer optimal freedom of movement. You can choose from Level IIIA hard armor plates and ballistic shields. Pair them with a high-quality plate carrier and ensure you'll get the proper protection you need for your duties. 

Discover our range of NIJ 3A Bulletproof Vests now to best complement your combat equipment. For even more models, do not hesitate to take a look at our collection of Bulletproof Vests , where you will find other categories, such as NIJ 4 Bulletproof Vests . 

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